Pocono Fall

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Home to more than 127 varieties of trees, shrubs and plants, the Pocono Mountains is truly a spectacular sight during the fall season. Because the region spans 2,400 square miles, three distinct color zones are present allowing you to catch peak colors not only once, but three times.

Nothing signals the advent of autumn in Pennsylvania like the changing color of the state’s landscape, when entire forests transform into glittering displays of reds, yellows and purples. From the large-scale transformations in Allegheny National Forest and Rothrock State Forest to historical sights framed by varying shades of gold, the Pocono Mountains region is one of the best places to see fall foliage in Pennsylvania.

Bushkill Creek at Snow Hill Road, Monroe County, Pennsylvania

Promised Land State Park, Pennsylvania

Promised Land State Park, Pennsylvania

Wayside Gospel Chapel, Promised Land, Pennsylvania

Targa Falls, Broadhead Creek, Monroe County, Pennsylvania